Nate’s Story

Nate grew up being a great soccer player but he wanted to play football instead of soccer in the 7th grade.  Nate thought he could be the kicker and punter on his football team however he really struggled kicking a football.  Kicking a football was not nearly as easy as kicking a soccer ball for Nate.  He was determined to be a football kicker and punter.  Things started to change for Nate as he entered high school.

Nate started his freshman football season as the B team kicking and punter.  By the end of the season Nate was promoted to the A team.  Nate started attending kicking camps and practiced with his dad almost daily over the summer heading into his sophomore football season.  He was rewarded for his hard work and was named the varsity kicker, as well as the JV kicker and punter.  His passion for kicking and punting steadily grew.  He continued to attend kicking camps and practiced year round.  Nate improved tremendously over the next two seasons and was named both All State and All American kicker at the end of his senior season.  Nate made 13 field goals that season with a long of 52 yards in the state playoffs.

Nate was diagnosed with Leukemia on January 4, 2011.  Just like with football, Nate fought the disease head on, was even named prom king and graduated with his senior class that spring.  After a thirteen month battle, Nate went to be with Jesus in heaven on February 26, 2012.

In honor of Nate’s love of attending and competing at the kicking camps, our family hosts an annual Nate Ekhoff Kicking Camp each July.  All proceeds from the kicking camp provide college scholarships to graduating camp participants.  The Camp provided $6000 in scholarships in 2014.